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DUI Defense

Former Judge • Former Prosecutor

310 East Broad Street, Suite A 

Cookeville, Tennessee

BPR# 013909

(931) 536-9459

In 1989, I received my law degree from the Nashville Law School, passed the Tennessee Bar Exam, and was licensed to practice. I was hired as an Assistant District Attorney and then given the position of Chief Deputy Assistant District Attorney. As Chief Assistant, I was responsible for the prosecution of major crimes throughout the 13th Judicial District.


After 16 years as a prosecutor, I was elected Criminal Court Judge for the 13th Judicial District where I was responsible for the Criminal Court dockets of 7 Tennessee counties.


For 30 years I prepared cases for indictment and presentment to juries at trial as a prosecutor. And as a judge, presided over pretrial, trial, and sentencing hearings. For 30 years, my legal experiences have all taken place in the criminal courts.


I have also had the honor and pleasure of teaching Criminal Justice classes at Tennessee Tech University for the past 20 years. As an instructor, I have maintained an understanding of current changes and trends in criminal law.


I believe the positions I have held and my court experiences have given me a unique understanding of this criminal justice system.


I now look forward to assisting those accused of crimes to understand the situation they face and to achieve good results.

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