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Why Crabtree & Patterson?

What makes C&P different? Our clients answer for us. Three years straight, they've made us the highest rated law firm in Cookeville. We are set apart as the only Cookeville Law Firm with a former Circuit/Criminal Court Judge, former Chief Deputy Prosecutor, and wins at the Supreme Court, Federal District Courts, Appellate Courts, as well as numerous serious felony jury trial acquittals. We have the experience and victories to back up our high ratings.

We would love to talk with you about our track record on prior cases like yours. When interviewing attorneys, ask how their experience and success compare to the accomplishments of the Crabtree & Patterson Law Firm.

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Seth Crabtree



Practice Areas

DUI Defense

Criminal Defense



TN Supreme Court Victory

Serious Felony Jury Trial Acquittals

Mike Giaimo

Managing Attorney

Practice Areas

Family Law

Civil Litigation



Federal District Court Wins

Numerous Bench and Jury Trial Victories

David Patterson



Practice Areas

DUI Defense

Criminal Defense



Chief Deputy Prosecutor | 16 Years

Criminal/Circuit Court Judge | 13 Years

Casey Brown

Associate Attorney


Practice Areas

Family Law

Civil Litigation



Former Probation Officer

Years of Courtroom Experience


"I can’t say enough to describe the pleasure it was to be represented by Mr. Crabtree, Mr. Patterson, and their incredible team."

Issac Hartman | Google Five Star | January 2021

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"I HIGHLY recommend you to contact this law firm if you are looking for a great, honest, hard working lawyer that is there for you, his client."

Heather Johnson | Google Five Star | May 2018

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  • Criminal Defense

  • Felonies & Misdemeanors

  • Drug Offenses

  • Simple Possession

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Civil Lawsuits (37).png (39).png
  • Personal Injury

  • Car Wrecks

  • Medical Malpractice (44).png (35).png
Done Deal

"Watching him work was a confidence boost in and of itself, as no other lawyer in the court room looked like they would be able to do for me what he did. In the end, he managed to exceed my most hopeful expectations."

Matt Frasier | Google Five Star | January 2019

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"I am grateful that there is a man in the lawyering business that is this caliber. Thank you sir, and your staff."

Bryant Oden | Google Five Star | July 2017

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Stressed Woman

"If you're needing representation then look no further. Seth and his team are top notch. Compassionate and focused on the outcome."

David Blackwell | Google Five Star | August 2019

Frequently asked questions

How do I set up a consultation?

When you call or email, Seth's legal assistant Shana will speak with you about the general details of your case. Then, if you wish, she'll schedule a time for you to speak with or meet Seth to discuss your options and set up representation.

What type of cases do you accept?

We focus our practice 100% on Criminal Defense. This includes all manner of criminal charges including DUI, Drug Charges (simple possession and felony), Theft, Assault, Traffic Offenses, etc.

Do you accept payment plans?

Amount of payment and method of payment will vary depending on the facts of your case. However, we know no one plans financially for being accused of a crime, so we have worked with clients to arrange payment plans under certain circumstances.

What type of punishment am I facing?

The nature of your charge and extent of criminal background will determine the type of punishment you could receive if convicted of the alleged offense. Remember, there are many defenses and alternatives available in most situations, but here is a brief overview of potential criminal punishments based on offense type: Misdemeanor: Sentence up to 11 months and 29 days; fine up to $2,500 E Felony: Sentence between 1-6 years; fine up to $3,000 D Felony: Sentence between 2-12 years; fine up to $5,000 C Felony: Sentence between 3-15 years; fine up to $10,000 B Felony: Sentence between 8-30 years; fine up to $25,000 A Felony: Sentence between 15-60 years; fine up to $50,000