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As Chief Deputy Prosecutor and Criminal Court Judge, David Patterson worked every angle of the biggest cases in the district for over 30 years, presiding over 30,000 cases. He has teamed up with Seth Crabtree to make that skill and experience available to the clients of Crabtree & Patterson.

As an attorney, Crabtree has fought all the way to the Tennessee Supreme Court - and won - changing Tennessee law statewide to the benefit of the criminally accused. Read about that victory here

Additionally, he has taken several of the most severe criminal charges - Felonies with a penalty of 25-60 years in prison - all the way through jury trial - and won. He has secured not guilty verdicts and several full acquittals, exonerating his clients. You can read about those here and here.

Crabtree & Patterson are 100% focused on criminal defense. They only accept cases from those accused of DUI, Drug, Assault, Theft, Traffic, and other similar offenses. By being one of the few Cookeville firms focused solely on criminal defense we are able to provide superior representation.

"If you need representation, and are looking for the best: look no further."

David Sutherland

DUI Dismissed

David Patterson and Seth Crabtree spend their days in the court room, arguing motions and negotiating resolutions, reductions, and dismissals. Our office is proud to have the highest client rating of any Cookeville attorneys on Google. Many clients learned about us here and then took to Google, Avvo, and Facebook to share about their Five Star experience with Crabtree & Patterson. 

Click here to read through our many Client Reviews and Case Results or click here to learn more about Seth and David.

Once you are satisfied that Crabtree and Patterson are the right fit for you, call or email for a free consultation. 

Theft Dismissed

Jim Taylor

"Mr. Crabtree has the highest standards, but most of all he is a winner."

Frequently asked questions

How do I set up a consultation?

When you call or email, Seth's legal assistant Shana will speak with you about the general details of your case. Then, if you wish, she'll schedule a time for you to speak with or meet Seth to discuss your options and set up representation.

What type of cases do you accept?

We focus our practice 100% on Criminal Defense. This includes all manner of criminal charges including DUI, Drug Charges (simple possession and felony), Theft, Assault, Traffic Offenses, etc.

Do you accept payment plans?

Amount of payment and method of payment will vary depending on the facts of your case. However, we know no one plans financially for being accused of a crime, so we have worked with clients to arrange payment plans under certain circumstances.

What type of punishment am I facing?

The nature of your charge and extent of criminal background will determine the type of punishment you could receive if convicted of the alleged offense. Remember, there are many defenses and alternatives available in most situations, but here is a brief overview of potential criminal punishments based on offense type: Misdemeanor: Sentence up to 11 months and 29 days; fine up to $2,500 E Felony: Sentence between 1-6 years; fine up to $3,000 D Felony: Sentence between 2-12 years; fine up to $5,000 C Felony: Sentence between 3-15 years; fine up to $10,000 B Felony: Sentence between 8-30 years; fine up to $25,000 A Felony: Sentence between 15-60 years; fine up to $50,000

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