Seth Crabtree

Seth specializes in Criminal Defense including DUI, Drug, Assault and Theft Offenses. He has won at the highest levels including the Tennessee Supreme Court, multiple A Felony jury trial acquittals, and countless dismissals.

Laura Beth focuses her practice on Family Law issues including Divorce, Alimony, Orders of Protection, and Custody. She is a mother of three and understands the importance of family stability.

David Patterson

David was Chief Deputy Prosecutor for the District Attorney's office for 16 years. He served as Criminal Court Judge for the 13th District for 13 years, presiding over 30,000 criminal cases. Now he offers his services to you.

Practice Areas

Criminal Law
Family Law
Friendly and Helpful Staff

Our staff is here for you 24/7. With access to court documents and police reports, we're able to answer your questions and aid you in navigating this difficult time. With cutting-edge technology for legal research in the office and the courtroom, you'll have the most up-to-date defense at your disposal. 

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