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Seth Crabtree | Partner/Attorney

Seth Crabtree focused his practice on Criminal & DUI Defense across the Upper Cumberland for 10 years. As a solo attorney, he established a reputation for taking his cases to trial and appeal with great success. When Criminal Court Judge David Patterson retired, he chose to join forces with Seth, creating Crabtree and Patterson. C&P has since added fierce trial attorney, Mike Giaimo, as well as bright, young associates in Casey Brown and Clint Pitts. The Crabtree and Patterson Law Firm is one of the most accomplished and respected in the area. 

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"Seth had an optimist's enthusiasm from the very start and something just felt right about hiring him. He carried himself like someone who could make something happen, and his immediately apparent intelligence impressed me... Watching him work was a confidence boost in and of itself, as no other lawyer in the court room looked like they would be able to do for me what Seth did. In the end, he managed to exceed my most hopeful expectations and got my case dismissed entirely!"

Matt Frasier | Google Five Star | January 2019

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A Message From Seth

"What's your story?"

86!! She’s got big ambitions for 33 and
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Following college, I took the law school entrance exam and scored in the top 10% of the nation. I was accepted by each law school I applied to, but after much prayer and deliberation with my family I opted for a full-paid academic scholarship to the University of Tennessee over Vanderbilt. My experience at UT was second to none. While still a student, I was granted a limited license to practice law by the Tennessee Supreme Court, as well as compete nationally in Washington, D.C. for mock trial competitions, and study International Law abroad in Sydney, Australia.

What do you say when people ask, “So, what’s your story?” Well, here’s what I tell them: 


I was raised “on the mountain” in Monterey, Tennessee. After high school, I enrolled in Tennessee Tech on the HOPE Scholarship. While at Tech, I joined honors and civic organizations, taking on leadership roles and expanding my horizons. Four years later I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 3.9 GPA in the highest ranks of my class.

After passing the bar in 2012, I returned home and opened my own practice. As a solo attorney, I secured countless dismissals for my clients, took the most serious criminal charges (A-Level Felonies 25-60 year sentence) to trial and won, fought all the way to the Tennessee Supreme Court - and won - changing Tennessee law statewide


In 2019, my career as a solo attorney came to an end. A man I greatly respected and tried many cases in front of retired - Criminal Court Judge David Patterson. Astonishingly, one of the most respected members of the bar, David contacted me and expressed a desire to team up, and fight together for clients as Crabtree & Patterson. Of course, I said hell yes. 

Then in 2021, we sought to grow our firm and the legal services we provide our clients. We pursued Mike Giaimo, an experienced trial veteran with one of the most vast and varied resumes in our community. Mike has litigated more types of cases in 23 years than most lawyers will in a career. Mike agreed to come on board and work with our team. In addition, Casey Brown joined the firm with a desire to work family law and civil cases. I was again honored these men respected our philosophy as a firm and desire to help others. 

As an attorney, I’ve learned what it is to be a professional; to fight for the people who place their trust and future in my hands. People always tell me, “Seth, I couldn’t see you doing anything else.” (I still haven’t figured out if that’s a compliment). But now that you know a little about me, Read My Reviews and get an idea of what I bring to the table for my clients, then call today so we can discuss your case. I want to know, “What’s your story?


-Seth Crabtree

Seth Crabtree

DUI • Drug Possession • Assault • Theft

Criminal Defense

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310 East Broad Street, Suite A 

Cookeville, Tennessee

BPR# 031409

Shana Wade
Office Manager

When you call, Shana will answer. Shana is mother to seven children. She’s lived all over the country as a United States Air Force wife. She makes sure the individual needs of each client are met and brings over a decade of office administration experience to the table.

Inspired by our clients' stories, Shana is currently enrolled in Law School on her way to becoming an attorney.

At Crabtree & Patterson, Shana handles your case from the first phone call to the closing paperwork. She'll make sure no emergency or small question goes unaddressed by your attorney. She knows the value of lightening fast response. Clients love Shana and that is reflected in her many mentions throughout our client reviews!

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